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We started providing website hosting for our customers a few years ago. It was a result of a few companies seemingly taking advantage of some of our customers, who have no understanding of web space and its usage, and their own specific needs. Our website hosting is both very affordable and very competitive. We will impartially offer advice to anyone who requests information and the best options available for them.

We supply Website Hosting for all Business types, from small companies to large corporations, with no hidden charges, you package will suit your needs,. A staggering reputation among our clients, who benefit from a service that is rapidly becoming second to none. Full user-access through our Control Panel. Enjoy Unlimited Email Accounts, Excellent Bandwidth allowance and a full support service. Our Hosting boasts 100% up time 365 days a year.

We strongly recommend that if you are buying a domain name, you purchase it as a seperate entity from your web space, unless you are sure that the web space provided will suit your needs not just for today, but for the immediate future.

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